About the Journal

Negotiation and Conflict Management Research (NCMR) publishes articles that develop theory and report research on negotiation and conflict management across levels, including interpersonal conflict, intergroup conflict, organizational conflict, and cross-cultural conflict, across a range of domains including environmental conflict, crisis negotiations, and political conflict, as well as across a variety of approaches, including formal and informal third party intervention, mediation and arbitration.

Our readership includes scholars and practitioners studying conflict management in family, organizational, societal, and international settings.

As of January 2021, NCMR has transitioned from the Wiley Online Library to become an Open Access and Open Science journal hosted by the Carnegie Mellon University Library Publishing Service.

The Special Issue Call for Papers:

Lessons from Practice: Extensions of Current Negotiation Theory and Research

Submission Deadline: EXTENDED to February 15, 2021.

Please see the Special Issue CFP for more details.

Featured Articles

Eric Wibelhaus-Brahm

Global Transitional Justice Norms and the Framing of Truth Commissions in the Absence of Transition

Nataliya Roman, Anna Young, Stephynie C. Perkins

Displaced and Invisible: Ukrainian Refugee Crisis Coverage in the US, UK, Ukrainian, and Russian Newspapers

Louisa Ha, Yang Yang, Rik Ray, Frankline Matanji, Peiqin Chen, Ke Guo, Nan Lyu

How US and Chinese Media Cover the US-China Trade Conflict: A Case Study of War and Peace Journalism Practice and the Foreign Policy Equilibrium Hypothesis

Linda L. Putnam, Mara Olekalns, Donald E. Conlon, Carsten K. W. De Dreu

From the Field to the Laboratory: The Theory-Practice Research of Peter J. Carnevale

Innocentina-Marie O. Obi, Katalien Bollen, Hillie Aaldering, Wouter Robijn, Martin C. Euwema

Servant Leadership, Third-Party Behavior, and Emotional Exhaustion of Followers

Kate Muir, Adam Joinson, Emily Collins, Rachel Cotterill, Nigel Dewdney

When Asking "What" and "How" Helps You Win: Mimicry of Interrogative Terms Facilitates Successful Online Negotiations

Jingjing Yao, Zhi-Xue Zhang, Leigh Anne Liu

When there is No ZOPA: Mental Fatigue, Integrative Complexity, and Creative Agreement in Negotiations

Tim M. Stevens, Noelle Aarts, Art Dewulf

Using Emotions to Frame Issues and Identities in Conflict: Farmer Movements on Social Media

Gregory D. Paul

The Influence of Belief in Offender Redeemability and Decisionā€Making Competence on Receptivity to Restorative Justice