Special Issue Article

High‐Stakes Conflicts and the Link between Theory and Practice: Celebrating the Work of Ellen Giebels


In this tribute to the 2012 recipient of the IACM's Jeffrey Rubin's Theory‐to‐Practice Award, we celebrate the work of Ellen Giebels. We highlight her groundbreaking research on influence tactics in crisis negotiations and other high‐stakes conflict situations, showing how her focus on theoretical foundations and careful design has delivered contributions of practical relevance. We then hear from two early career researchers who share how Ellen's research and mentorship fostered their own desire to deliver impactful research. We conclude by inviting Ellen to reflect on future research questions and to underscore her vision on the use of technology in conflict and negotiations research.

Keywords: multimethod, applied research, crisis negotiations, high‐stakes conflict




Published on
22 Mar 2018
Peer Reviewed