Aims and Scope of LPS

At its core, LPS is a digital-first, open access publishing service, which supports liberal author rights through the usage of the Creative Commons Licensing. LPS is made freely available to address the open access publishing needs of the CMU community. Works published by LPS will not charge authors submission charges or Article Processing Charges (APCs). All content hosted by LPS will be freely available for readers.

All works hosted by LPS must have an affiliation to CMU through a campus entity or individual faculty member. All works proposed to LPS are vetted for hosting and inclusion. Works affiliated with graduate or undergraduate entities must be sponsored by a member of the faculty or administrative campus entity.

All content hosted by LPS is published using the Janeway open source publishing platform. This platform permits a spectrum of formal publishing options for editorial and peer review, including: Editorial Review, Double-Blind Peer Review, Single-Blind Peer Review, and Open Peer Review. To host a publication, LPS requires at a minimum for a work to undergo editorial review.

Works hosted by LPS agree to a non-exclusive perpetual royalty free license to use, duplicate and distribute the work in whole or in part. As works cease to publish current materials, their past works will continue to be made available as open access publications. If the publisher moves to a new institution, LPS requires the past works remain available through LPS, with acknowledgement and linkage to the new publishing site.