Encyclopedia of the History of Science

encyclopedia of the history of science The Encyclopedia of the History of Science (ETHOS) is a new collaborative initiative (ISSN 2642-5890), publishing open-access, peer-reviewed articles in the history of science and technology. For more information, see About. Though most articles are solicited by Editors, suggestions for new articles and authors as well as corrections to existing articles are always welcome: Contact Us. We also maintain a list of experts based on authors’ and editors’ areas of speciality. Unless otherwise noted, images are courtesy of the Carnegie Mellon University Archives.

Language Development Research

language development research

Language Development Research: An Open-Science Journal is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal of empirical and theoretical scholarship relevant to the study of language development. The field of language development (typical and atypical, mono-, bi- and multi-lingual) is broadly construed to include, for example, studies of second language learning (or artificial language learning) in older children or adults, studies of nonhuman animals, computational modeling studies, studies or theories of the adult endpoint, etc., provided that they are relevant to the issue of language development. We invite submissions that meet our criteria for rigour, without regard to the perceived novelty or importance of the findings. We publish general and special issues ("Special Collections") in a rolling format, to ensure rapid, cost-free publication for authors.

Psychology Language

Negotiation and Conflict Management Research

negotiation and conflict management research Negotiation and Conflict Management Research (NCMR) publishes articles that develop theory and report research on negotiation and conflict management across levels, including interpersonal conflict, intergroup conflict, organizational conflict, and cross-cultural conflict, across a range of domains including environmental conflict, crisis negotiations, and political conflict, as well as across a variety of approaches, including formal and informal third party intervention, mediation, and arbitration. Our readership includes scholars and practitioners studying conflict management in family, organizational, societal, and international settings.
negotiation conflict research negotiation and conflict

MAJĀL: CMUQ's Undergraduate Journal

majāl: cmuq's undergraduate journal

Majāl is a peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary journal devoted to publishing the work of students at CMU-Q. We are dedicated to cultivating the scholarship of CMU-Q students by mentoring prospective authors in the publishing process and highlighting students' exciting projects.