Special Issue Article

A Journey within the Theory–Practice Nexus of Conflict Management: Contributions of Rubin Award Recipient Benjamin Broome


In this tribute to the 2016 recipient of the International Association for Conflict Management Jeffrey Z. Rubin Theory‐to‐Practice Award, we celebrate the work of Benjamin Broome. Each of us highlights a unique contribution of his work: specifically, in the areas of (a) applied communication, (b) intercultural communication, (c) conflict management and peacebuilding, and (d) well‐being, sustainability, and systems science education. We conclude our discussion of the four research areas by highlighting common themes suggested by this work. The article closes with words of wisdom from Benjamin Broome, who offers advice to doctoral students and scholars at various stages of their career.

Keywords: well‐being, conflict management and peacebuilding, intercultural communication, applied communication




Published on
27 Dec 2017
Peer Reviewed