Lessons Learned from Working with Roy J. Lewicki

  • Edward C. Tomlinson
  • Beth Polin
  • Barbara Gray
  • Bruce Barry


This article includes four essays in tribute to our colleague, Roy J. Lewicki, recipient of the International Association for Conflict Management 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award. Although he has made many contributions to the conflict and negotiation literature, we focus in particular on our experiences in collaborating with him on his research on leader influence on subordinate discretionary behavior, interpersonal trust, framing in environmental conflicts, and negotiation pedagogy. Each essay describes key lessons we learned from Roy. The end of the article features a closing commentary by Roy.

Keywords: trust, pedagogy, negotiation, framing, conflict

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Tomlinson, E. & Polin, B. & Gray, B. & Barry, B., (2017) “Lessons Learned from Working with Roy J. Lewicki”, Negotiation and Conflict Management Research 10(2), p.126-140. doi:



Published on
24 Apr 2017
Peer Reviewed