About this Journal

Majāl, translated from Arabic as "scope," is a journal devoted to cultivating and showcasing the wide range of scholarly endeavors pursued by undergraduate students from Carnegie Mellon University’s Qatar campus. 

Majāl welcomes three types of submissions from student authors:

  1. independent student research, such as theses, capstones, or other projects; 
  2. course-based projects; and
  3. creative works. 

Our journal seeks to support and mentor students through the publishing process, and our unique review processes are designed toward that pedagogical end in each submission category.

Journal Scope

Majāl’s priority is to mentor and publish the broad range of undergraduate work that students produce on Carnegie Mellon University Qatar’s campus; therefore, the journal supports inquiries across academic disciplines in the independent research and coursework submission categories. To accommodate this broad scope, our editorial team networks with disciplinary experts on both the Qatar and Pittsburgh campuses to support the review and mentoring processes.

Majāl’s creative works category is flexible, designed to encourage students to push the boundaries of undergraduate intellectual endeavors and publication. These submissions are intended to showcase our students’ abilities and interests in areas that may not otherwise be visible through courses and research, such as art, creative writing, and Arabic calligraphy. We welcome these submissions across modalities and will work with students on a case-by-case basis to determine suitability.


Majāl commits to:

  • fostering and publishing the academic and creative work of undergraduate students;
  • prioritizing students’ personal and professional development in the review and publication process; and
  • supporting an inclusive, ethical, and equitable approach to undergraduate publication.


  • To encourage and recognize undergraduate scholarly and creative endeavors at CMU-Q through at least one published issue each academic year;
  • To provide mentorship and feedback for students in the publication process, explicitly prioritizing their growth as writers, researchers, and students;
  • To introduce student authors to publishing expectations & processes;
  • To provide compensated opportunities for students to work on an editorial team.

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