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Language Development Research Editorial: Why do we need another journal?

Nicola Dawson, Yaling Hsiao, Alvin Wei Ming Tan, Nilanjana Banerji, Kate Nation

Features of lexical richness in children's books: Comparisons with child-directed speech

Language Development Research: An Open-Science Journal

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Now open for submissions. Please consult the author guidelines, and ensure your article includes a standalone Data, Code and Materials Availability Statement. 

Science is for everyone.

We set up Language Development Research because we don't believe in locking articles behind paywalls, in charging taxpayers and universities to publish research they've already funded, or in privileging papers that are "exciting" over those committed to scientific rigour. We believe that open science is better science. We uphold the highest standards of research integrity. We insist on open data and materials, and commit to publishing every article that is judged by our peer review process to meet our criteria for methodological and theoretical rigour.

We invite submissions of empirical and theoretical investigations of children's language development: typical and atypical, mono-, bi- and multi-lingual, spoken, signed, or written. We are also interested in the exploration of any topic or population relevant to language development, broadly construed (e.g., second language learning, artificial language learning, adult psycholinguistics, computational modeling).

Fiercely independent, we are answerable to no one except the scientific community and our 30-member strong Editorial Board of respected researchers. Please browse our articles, learn more about the journal and its editorial policies, and, when you're ready, submit your article.

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Special Collection on Infant-Directed Speech (IDS) in lesser-studied languages